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Human Resource & Payroll

treamline Your HR & Payroll Processes with Xcode ERP | All-in-One Solution


Job Offer & Applicant

The Job Offer & Applicant module in Xcode ERP streamlines recruitment processes, from job posting to offer management, fostering efficient applicant tracking and seamless communication for an enhanced candidate experience.

Employee List

The Employee List feature in Xcode ERP centralizes employee data management, offering a comprehensive overview of personnel details for streamlined HR operations.

Employee Training

The Employee Training module in Xcode ERP facilitates seamless management of training programs, enabling organizations to enhance workforce skills and development effectively.

Key Performance Indicators

The Key Performance Indicators module in Xcode ERP empowers organizations with real-time insights to measure and optimize performance across various business functions.

Automated Payroll

Automated Payroll in Xcode ERP simplifies payroll processing, ensuring accurate and efficient salary calculations while reducing manual errors.

Attendance Management

Attendance Management in Xcode ERP streamlines tracking and monitoring of employee attendance, ensuring accuracy and compliance with organizational policies.

Leave Management

Leave Management in Xcode ERP automates the process of requesting, approving, and tracking employee leave, enhancing efficiency and compliance with leave policies.

Shift Management

Shift Management in Xcode ERP enables organizations to efficiently schedule and manage employee shifts, optimizing workforce allocation and productivity.

HR Settings & Report

HR Settings & Reports in Xcode ERP provides comprehensive configuration options and reporting tools to streamline HR processes and gain valuable insights into workforce analytics.

Daily Tasks

Daily Tasks in Xcode ERP simplifies task management by organizing and prioritizing daily activities, ensuring efficient workflow management across the organization.


Payroll in Xcode ERP automates salary processing, ensuring accurate and timely payments while simplifying tax calculations and compliance.

Expense Claims

Expense Claims in Xcode ERP streamlines the process of submitting, approving, and reimbursing expenses, facilitating efficient expense management across the organization.

Employee Lifecycle

Employee Lifecycle in Xcode ERP encompasses comprehensive management of employees from recruitment to retirement, ensuring seamless HR operations throughout their tenure.

Employee Document

Employee Document Management in Xcode ERP provides a centralized repository for securely storing and managing all employee-related documents, ensuring easy access and compliance with data protection regulations.

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