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Point Of Sale (POS)

Efficient Retail Transactions: Streamlining Sales at the Point of Sale


What Is Point of Sale (POS)?

A Point of Sale refers to the time and place where a retail transaction takes place. In retail operations, the entire process—delivery of goods, accrual of sale, and payment—occurs in one event, commonly known as the “Point of Sale.” In Xcode ERP, Sales Invoices can be generated directly from the POS

Billing and Checkout

Create POS invoices by selecting items, adjusting quantities, and applying discounts. Cross-check net and grand totals before completing the order. Choose payment modes (cash, card, etc.) and submit the sales invoice.

Item Selection

Retailers can select items using two methods: Select Item: Click on the item image to add it to the cart. Barcode / Serial No: Enter the barcode or serial number for automatic addition to the cart. Use the search field for efficient item selection.

Removing Items from the Cart

Remove items by selecting the row in the cart and clicking the “Remove” button or manually setting the quantity to zero.

Change Amount Calculation

POS calculates the extra amount paid by the customer, which can be returned from the cash account. Set the account for change amount in the POS profile

Offline and Online Mode

Xcode POS works both offline and online, with synchronization enabled by default.

Multi-Store Management

Easily manage multiple retail stores and track store-wise profit/loss statements and sales reports.

Promotions and Marketing

Customize invoices and run promotional campaigns.

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