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Real Estate Management Software

Property ItemProperty Item

The Property Item serves as a central repository to store all relevant information about a property. It includes details like property type, area, location, purchase date, and cost. By maintaining accurate and up-to-date records, property managers can easily track and manage their property assets.

Utility, Insurance, and Safety CertificateUtility, Insurance, and Safety Certificate

Xcode ERP allows property managers to track utility details, such as electricity, water, and gas connections. This ensures accurate billing and maintenance. Additionally, the system enables users to record insurance information related to each property and maintain safety certificates to comply with regulatory requirements.

Floor Plans and PhotosFloor Plans and Photos

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially in property management. Xcode ERP allows property managers to attach floor plans and photos of each property. These visual references are valuable for tenants, property owners, and potential buyers.

Nearest Places and Other DocumentNearest Places and Other Document

To enhance property value and attract tenants, Xcode ERP enables property managers to record information about nearby amenities. This includes schools, hospitals, parks, and transportation options. Furthermore, property managers can attach essential documents like lease agreements, property registration papers, and maintenance contracts for easy access and organization.

Status-wise PropertyStatus-wise Property

With Xcode ERP, property managers can categorize properties based on their status. Categories include vacant, occupied, under maintenance, or up for sale. This status-wise classification provides a quick snapshot of overall occupancy and allows for efficient management of the property portfolio.

Auto-creates Rent ItemAuto-creates Rent Item

Rent management is a critical aspect of property management. Xcode ERP simplifies this by automatically creating rent items associated with each property.

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